Thursday, 13 December 2012

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

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Friday, 7 December 2012 links are opened for facebook

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Where To Use\share\expose ADF.LY links ?

Where To Use\share\expose ADF.LY links ?

This Question is very much crucial and most searched in the Search Engines by the Newbies Where to use\share\expose their links ?

In this Blog, I have discussed many ways to increase ADF.LY earnings. But there are Simple ways too where you can use/share links.

First is
1. FORUMS :- You can use your links in threads of the forums. [ Dont give incentive to visitor to click on your Links ].
2. Social Sites :- You can share ur links in Social networking sites too to increase visitors.
Dont use it on Facebook as facebook has banned due to the possibility of spams.
3. Youtube :- If you have a very imformative video that you think will fetch many visitors then put some links in its Description to GAIN visitors to your links.
4. Others include like
    -> In Newsletters
    -> In your Articles
    -> In your Tweet
    -> In your Written Ebooks.

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Make Money with

 Make Money With

What is ADF.LY ?

ADF.LY is a link shortener service website used for shortening the Links.

For example :- I have a link
and i want to shorten this Link.
What i will do is 

1. Just go to WWW.ADF.LY ( remember u have to be registered )

2. Put [hotfile] link in the Shrink now bar....


3. Then press SHRINK NOW.

4. Immediately a link will appear automatically on that same bar where u had put ur Link.

5. The link will be like this
6. Now what you have to do is to Share that link as much as you can. Avoid Unfair Practices to share & Dont ever use Black Hat Techniques... otherwise u will be Banned.

Simple Formula is [To make max money with] is

You can Also View Where To use Links For more Views Here

NOTE :- Dont Spam, Otherwise U will be Banned & Ur account will be deleted.
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