Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Where To Use\share\expose ADF.LY links ?

Where To Use\share\expose ADF.LY links ?

This Question is very much crucial and most searched in the Search Engines by the Newbies Where to use\share\expose their links ?

In this Blog, I have discussed many ways to increase ADF.LY earnings. But there are Simple ways too where you can use/share links.

First is
1. FORUMS :- You can use your links in threads of the forums. [ Dont give incentive to visitor to click on your Links ].
2. Social Sites :- You can share ur links in Social networking sites too to increase visitors.
Dont use it on Facebook as facebook has banned due to the possibility of spams.
3. Youtube :- If you have a very imformative video that you think will fetch many visitors then put some links in its Description to GAIN visitors to your links.
4. Others include like
    -> In Newsletters
    -> In your Articles
    -> In your Tweet
    -> In your Written Ebooks.

So best of Luck from My side Brothers and Make Huge Huge $$$.   

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